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Selecting a School for Your Child

It’s not the time to just settle for the convenience of your neighborhood school, especially if the school is not an excellent fit for the needs of your child. Preparation for college and competing in a global economy begins at an early age, at home and in schools. The school you select for your child can make all the difference in the world for your child’s development and future.

  An excellent fit is achieved when the needs of parents and those of a child align with the needs of a school. The operative words are needs and align. Alignment may be expressed many different ways: matching needs, blending needs, supporting needs, harmonizing needs, merging needs, or unifying needs.

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Choosing a Senior Living Community

Part One of the “Choosing a Senior Living Community” series appeared in the January/February issue of Chester County Life. Part Two of the series focuses on the different types of senior living communities. Before Part Two is presented, a synopsis of Part One is provided as some helpful background. At some point, we all have to make plans for the future, whether for ourselves or someone we love. Should these plans include consideration of moving to a senior living community, it’s important to educate yourself and take time to explore options. Many factors come into play with this decision; and selecting the “best fit” senior living community requires serious planning.

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Gold Jewelry Trending Back In Style

Whether on the red carpet, fashion runways, or in the new collections of designers, yellow gold is now very prevalent in wonderfully bold, soft, and subtle designs.

  Today, there are countless looks, and collections in many ways are more modern than in much earlier decades.

  Mixed colors of gold – yellow, white, and rose – are now featured in many jewelry collections. All three colors come together in stacks, layers, or in a woven look, and in a number of designs diamonds and gemstones are intricately incorporated. A real sense of craftsmanship comes across when all three gold colors are fashioned into a spectacular piece.

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CHCI … A Source for Success

Contemporary Health Career Institute (CHCI) is a fast-track dental assisting program licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Education – Division of Private Licensed Schools. Students receive hands-on instruction in an ultra-modern dental office, complete with the instruments they will use in their new professions.

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The Haverford School

Research tells us that young boys have a high need for activity and process information through exploration and use of their five senses. As they move through adolescence, boys are found to thrive with love, structure, and positive support. A learning environment that targets the specific needs of boys can have a profound effect on their happiness, passion for learning, and life success.

  The Haverford School understands boys. A nonsectarian, college-preparatory day school for Pre-K through grade 12, Haverford’s mission is to develop the full intellectual, artistic, athletic, and moral potential of every boy. It is an environment where the unique needs of boys are embraced and fulfilled. Haverford creates a culture of support and encouragement, where the learning style of all boys is valued and celebrated.

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Hassle-Free Home Ownership

For the past several months you’ve been enjoying sunny days on your deck, backyard barbecues, maybe pool parties, and perhaps even a second home at the Shore. No wonder the summer seems to fly by! But, with winter around the corner, you face a long list of time-consuming tasks you dread every year.

  “The time it takes people to protect and maintain their homes is time taken away from family, friends, and whatever else they’d rather be doing,” says Rich Bastian, owner of All Hands On Deck (AHOD). “I know that because I own homes in West Chester and Stone Harbor. Every winter and every spring I spend countless hours doing chores like moving and cleaning our outdoor furniture, removing and reinstalling screens and making repairs, pressure washing the deck, the list goes on.”

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