b'gets, and political landscape. And these ele-ments in turn greatly influence the quality of facilities and technology, the quality of instruction, the quality of administrative support, the quality of special education, the breadth and depth of curriculums and extracurricular activities, and other im-portant factors such as student to teacher ratios, class size, athletic programs, and a schools ranking. And within the public school sector, there are differences in the amount and types of specialized schools. Some districts feature STEM schools, tech-nical schools, and school choice policies for special charter and magnet schools that accommodate students with high abilities and particular talents. On the private school front, the types of schools and options seem nearly infinite. Some schools embrace a particular method and practice of teaching, some are faith-based, some provide high-level or extraor-dinary academic experiences, and some are very specialized for certain populations. The community of private schools is in-credibly diverse. Overall, private schools can be classified into nearly 20 types, for THE HAVERFORD SCHOOLThe Haverford School has been a leader in educating boys for more than 135 years.Whether on campus, through Virtual Haverford, or in a hybrid environment, our faculty and students maintain connection, support, and empower one another to contribute to a community that values honesty, respect, and courage. Why should you consider an all-boys education?Haverford School boys strive for academic excellence. Boys thrivein a culture of healthy competition, while supporting each other.Haverford School boys learn from extraordinary educators. Faculty are experts in their fields and employ best practices inteaching and mentoring boys, bringing out the best in every boy.Haverford School boys develop into men of character.Boys learn sound decision-making and leadership skills, and study and practice theSchools 24 core virtues.Haverford School boys enjoy the bonds of brotherhood.Whether it is a kindergartener working with his third-grade buddy, or young alumni mentoring students in the Entrepreneur Club, our boys learn from one another and foster strong relationships that often last a lifetime.At The Haverford School, your son will gain unparalleled academic preparation, develop a strong sense of identity, and will grow into a man of character. Visit us to see why 96% of families choose The Haverford School year after yearone of the strongest rates among local schools.haverford.org/admissionsCHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM/ July/August 202099'