b'TENNIS ADDICTIONperience a game-based teaching approach, which emphasizes practice in match-like drills and actual play. We have instruc-tion in the morning followed by matches in the afternoon, clarified DeCecco.Campers are grouped by age and abil-ity. This year, there are four programs held Monday through Friday from 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. or noon. Red Ball Camp is designed for seven and eight year olds. Players are introduced to the proper grip, preparation, and swing path for each stroke, as well as to basic footwork pat-terns and stances. They explore consisten-cy, placement, and basic spin skills, while learning to control the ball.Orange Ball Camp for kids 10 and under develops more advanced stroke techniques, greater court coverage, and improved recognition skills. Players also gain racket head speed to control the ball with improved pace, spin, height, and depth. Green Ball and Yellow Ball Camps for campers 12 and under feature contin-ued refinement of techniques, movement, and skills to properly cover the court and maintain baseline rallies. Campers learn correct grip, preparation, and swing paths for all strokes with a higher level of spin, pace, and control. We also have a High School Camp that meets from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday, said DeCecco. Tournament-level students concentrate on footwork, shot selection, and decision-making. It is perfect for stu-dents who have afternoon jobs. In fact, all Tennis Addiction camps are ideal for kids who want to learn, play, and be safe.SAFETY FIRSTDeCecco is very serious about the safety and comfort of Tennis Addiction mem-bers, campers, and staff. Actually, ten-nis is, hands down, the best sport for social distancing, he asserted. We have 7,200-square-foot courts, and we are al-lowing six adults on each one. Campers play five to a court. They dont have to pick up balls; pros are responsible for re-trieving and returning. We are following CDC guidelines in combination with com-mon sense and players comfort levels. We want everyone to be comfortable and re-spect each other at Tennis Addiction. Tennis Addiction instruction is cutting edge.On another note, DeCecco expressedSummer Camp flourishes under the direction of Jeff Rightnour, USPTA (United States his deepest gratitude for everything ac- Professional Tennis Association), PTR (Professional Tennis Registry). A Tennis Addiction complished by Andi Beth Sutcliffe,student 14 years ago, he joined the clubs pro staff in 2013, and recently became Controller; Jody Yatcilla, Front DeskAnthony DeCeccos partner.Operations; and his wife Betsy, Club Man-14 Chester County Life /CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM'