b'BRANDYWINE ORAL SURGERYRight: Surgical Assistants Shelly, Karen, andBrenda posing next to Brandywine OralSurgerys high-volume HEPA filtration suctionmachine used during surgical proceduresBelow: UV lighting was installed within surgical suites. This lighting cannot be used while patients are in the room, said Dr. Famiglio. However, at the completion of a procedure after the patient vacates the room, and before we disinfect it or remove instruments, we close the door and setour UV lighting timer. Then, after a period of time, a crew enters to clean and disinfect the room.The purpose is to eliminate virus pathogens inthe air, so my staff and future patients enteringthe room are additionally protected. In addition, UV lights were also installed inside the HVAC system. Any air circulating through the air conditioning is hit with the UV lighting, which destroys viruses and bacteria.54 Chester County Life /CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM'