b'WEHCITTIEO HNO NRASME EVILLAGESThe Joy of Walking and More atWhite Horse VillageStrolling pet ownersvalue White Horse Villages peaceful aura set against a landscape of unparalleled splendor.BY SUSAN I. SHIBER terests, and goals of the individuals whoSpring, summer, and fall semesters, participate. As an added enhancement,which include 20 course selections, fea-The glory of a golden day is magnified atWellness University, a lifelong learning op- ture lectures, workshops, activities, and White Horse Village. With close to 100portunity, was introduced earlier this year. excursions. At White Horse Village, well-acres of dazzling nature to enjoy, residentsness extends beyond the fitness center, can be seen out and about nearly every day.AN INDUSTRY-LEADING said Canfield. We broaden wellness to Some saunter along tree-lined paths. Oth- WELLNESS PROGRAM embrace the whole person and that per-ers prefer a lively trot. Many pedal bikes orWellness University College of the Wholesons body, mind, and spirit. Our team ride scooters. There is even a resident whoPerson offers wellbeing baccalaureateworks collaboratively to educate residents strolls with two dogs and a cat. Yes, a cat!degrees in seven focus areas. Developedon a full range of topics and to encourage All value the peaceful aura set against ainternally and led by Todd Canfield, Well- optimal health for a longer fuller life, he landscape of unparalleled splendor. ness Manager and LeadingAge PA Fellowsummarized.White Horse Village supports each andin Leadership, the university offers de- Wellness University participants earn every resident as an amazing human be- grees in emotional, environmental, intel- bachelors degrees with 30 credits in one ing. A Whole Person Wellness Program islectual, physical, social, spiritual, and vo- dimension and masters degrees with 30 designed to meet the needs, abilities, in- cational dimensions. credits in all seven dimensions. The pro-70 Chester County Life /CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM'