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106 Chester County Life CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM R E A L E S TAT E services formulating offers conducting ne- gotiations writing and reviewing purchase agreements handling disclosures interpret- ing information providing legal knowl- edge and more. IDENTIFY NEEDS Identifying your specific needs is the starting point before meeting with agents. Under- standing needs first and then communicat- ing these needs clearly to agents is impera- tive to achieving a productive relationship with an agent. What is your timeframe for purchasing a home What is your checklist of specifications price range style rooms amenities location commuting schools shopping etc Are you willing to invest in improvements How frequently do you wish to communicate with your agent daily weekly or only as needed How do you prefer to communicate phone email face-to-face What services do you expect from your broker and agent access to MLS comparative market analysis legal knowl- edge contract skills professional negotiat- ing skills finding lenders and more What personality type or style are you looking for in an agent Does the agents style fit well with your style What references will you require This listing is not intended to be ex- haustive but it is aimed at helping you for- mulate detailed needs before you meet with agents to communicate needs. CLOSING Making mistakes during the buying pro- cess can be costly. Most homes whether an existing home or new construction have a listing agent whose first allegiance is to the seller. Selecting your own agent a buyers agent will ensure that your needs are a pri- ority and achieved. CCL ASK AGENTS AND BROKERS THE RIGHT QUESTIONS Asking agents the right questions will pay off immensely when choosing the right buyers agent and broker for your needs. Here are some suggestions How will you assist me in purchasing a home request specific details and services Is residential real estate your full- time career How many years have you been negotiating and closing deals for home buyers How much time each week will you dedicate to assisting me in the search and purchase of a home How many deals have you negotiated and closed for home buyers over the past six months Of the deals that you have negotiated and closed over the past six months how many weeks did it take to negotiate and close a deal for each home buyer Will you represent me exclusively or will you represent both me and the seller What specific support is provided to you and me by your brokerage office How will you keep me informed How frequently What is your overall philosophy when it comes to business agreements and contracts Why do you wish to do business with me Do you sense that we would have a compatible fit and that we can work together effectively What clearly distinguishes you from other agents Are you able and will you provide your most recent clients as references What do you expect from me A quality buyers agent will listen to your questions and provide complete answers. In turn a quality agent will ask good questions fully listen to your responses and take your responses seriously. When touring a home listed FOR SALE in addition to admiring its upgrades and layout be sure to keep your eyes wide open for potential condition issues For instance lift up area rugs to evaluate the true condition of those hardwoods floors. Pull back the pretty shower curtain to better check for mold mildew. Look under sinks into attics behind doors. How about those windows any evidence of leaking or staining that could indicate the need for new windows or exterior repairs Funky odors unusual sounds odd features ... your home purchase could be your biggest investment so take the time to look listen smell and touch Always consider having a professional home inspection to obtain more detailed information about the overall condition of the home. And when you find what youre looking for use an experienced Realtor to help negotiate and manage your dream into a reality Welcome Home Karen Boyd Top Listing Agent Top Producer Long Foster Real Estate Inc. EO Relocation Certified Accredited Seller Representative ASR Accredited Staging Professional ASP Accredited Luxury Home Specialist ALHS FREE WORKSHOP Insider Secrets to Selling Your House April 5 2016 Freedom Village Brandywine Brookdale Senior Living Looking to right size Come learn how to sell your current house for top dollar and with less stress Featuring instructor and top-producing realtor Karen Boyd. For more information and to register call 484.288.2200. 650 W. Uwchlan Avenue Exton PA 610.280.5050 x2521 Touring Homes For Sale Eyes Wide Open