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44 Chester County Life CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM H E A LT H F I T N E S S pendent enterprise so we could leave corpo- rate America. In 2012 the opportunity presented itself in the form of a PrimoHoagies franchise in Bucks County. The partners were the first owners in the region to reach Top 10 rank- ing in their first year. I attribute this success to our constant presence at the shop says Jim. We were there two hours before open- ing and two hours after closing seven days a week. Because we tried to make work fun for employees and never asked them to do anything we hadnt tackled they respected us and it paid off. In just three years we sold the franchise for a nice profit. A potential venture quick- ly caught the industrious pairs interest. Orangethe- ory Fitness leased space near their PrimoHoa- gies shop and they sensed something big was about to take off. They conducted research on the or- ganization its approach strategy and numerous other aspects. Jim participated in a class and was convinced. I was so in love with the program that I paid money to become a member It is the first of its kind and the only heart rate-monitored high intensity workout in- terval training based on science. These dif- ferences have made Orangetheory Fitness one of the worlds top fitness franchises and earned its position on Inc. magazines 5000 Fastest Growing Private Companies list. Mike and I were lucky. Only one out of 100 franchise applicants is accepted. This good fortune extends to Chester County residents who now have a beauti- fully designed impeccably constructed by Mike Orangetheory Fitness studio conve- niently located in Paoli Shopping Center. The energizing personal training interval fitness model is backed by science and led by experts. An hour-long workout is comprised of cardiovascular and strength training. Par- ticipants use treadmills rowing machines TRX suspension training and free weights to burn from 500 to 1000 calories per ses- sion. Workouts are rarely identical says Jim. All classes are scheduled and we keep sessions fresh. This encourages members to continue coming back adds Mike. All too often life gets in the way and its easy to skip a workout or two. This isnt the case at Orangetheory Fitness. The group setting provides accountability structure and inspi- ration. It also leads to camaraderie lasting friendships are frequently forged. ORANGETHEORY FITNESS WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE Orangetheory Fitness presents a challenge that can reduce pounds and increase your bank account. As part of its grand opening celebration and the first Open Studio Event members are invited to compete for the highest percentage of body weight lost in a specific time period. The winner will walk out of the studio with fewer pounds on their body and 2500 in their pocket The lump sum can be used anywhere not just at Orangetheory Fitness. Future challenges will allow members to pay to enter and vie for prizes to be used at Orangetheory Fitness. Visit for entry details. OTBeat is a proprietary technology developed by Orangetheory Fitness with the help and input of founder Ellen Latham a highly respected physiologist and exercise enthusiast. It uses Bluetooth to connect to monitors.