b'PUBLISHERS LETTEROut of Bad comes Good MAY/JUNE 2020PublisherKenneth S. DooleyNearly 16 years ago, we launched Chester CountyManaging EditorLife, a product formulated from years of strategic planning background, market study, and a compre- Diana Brannonhensive business plan. Rather extensive analysis andEditorfocus groups exposed what people did not like inShane D. Dooleypublications, and revealed the improvements peopleArt Directionwere looking for in magazines and periodicals. OutMelodee Dill Stephens of this effort and determination came the mission of Chester County Life: Showcase the good, the posi- Circulationtive, not the negative, of the people, businesses, orga- Brandywine Graphic Associatesnizations, and institutions of the greater Chester County region. And as we knewAdvisory Councilthen, and know even more now, theres unquestionably a seemingly endless,Thomas W. Coyneunlimited supply of the good and the positive to showcase. From cover to cover,Vera Thomaswhether its a story, advertisement, or article, each edition of Chester County Life showcases the extraordinary quality, integrity, ingenuity, and unending spirit ofContributing Writersour people, businesses, organizations, and institutions. Tina CorradoReaders are recognizing that the Vision Series stories appearing in ChesterMain Line Health CommunicationsCounty Life are portions of this publishers biography, in particular the manyApril ODaystrategic experiences and encounters across the globe. At this time, the storySamuel PatrickOut of Bad Comes Good, appearing in the January/February Chester CountyVera PatrickPhiladelphia Hand to Shoulder CenterLife edition, is an apropos and timely story to share with readers. The storySusan I. Shiberunfolds at a place and time when life was jeopardized, and there was the harshBetsy Dru Teccoapprehension that I might never be with family and friends again. The placeLima, Peru. The timedecades ago. At this interval in time, I contemplated thePhotographythreatening experiences before me, and from that intense study my vision, imagi- Chris Leaman nation, and wisdom increased exponentially. I came to the realization that outSubscribe Onlineof bad comes good, and through being able to overcome problems in tough situ- ChesterCounty-Life.comations, I discovered adversity is a commanding element of success. I galvanized myself to anticipate danger, recognize it, and handle it. Peru opened my eyes andAdvertising and Sales gave me a greater understanding and respect for the world we live in. sales@ChesterCounty-Life.comWe thank the people, businesses, organizations, and institutions of the great- Information er Chester County region for their remarkable loyalty and support, as well asinfo@ChesterCounty-Life.com the opportunity and privilege to meet, and to showcase your accomplishments,ChesterCounty-Life.com achievements, and inimitable spirit. Office: 610.269.8712 Fax: 610.269.4248Chester County Life magazine is published bi-monthly by Superior Publications, Inc., 103 Sean Drive, Downingtown, PA 19335. The entire contents of Chester County Life magazine is copyrighted and may not be reproduced in whole or part without the express written Kenneth S. Dooley consent of the publisher, Superior Publications, Inc. The publisher accepts no responsibility for products or services advertised herein, Publisher and does not assume any liability for errors and/or omissions. We reserve the right to edit, rewrite, or effuse submitted material.8 Chester County Life /CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM'