b'We have implemented the following safety measuresin all of our offices:All staff and patients mustwear masks upon entering the office and keep them on HAND 2 SHOULDERCENTER.COM for the duration of their time 1-800-385-PHSC (7472)in the office. A staff member will greetpatients at each office entrance, take their temperatures, screenfor COVID-19 symptoms, andthen direct patients to a seatin the waiting room.Patient guests and/or family members are not permitted to attend appointments withpatients or wait in our officesunless the patient is a minoror an adult needing special assistance with mobility,hearing, etc. We are staggeringappointment times andsafely separating chairs inour waiting rooms to ensure proper social distancing.We are sanitizing our patientareas including waiting rooms, exam rooms, x-ray suites, and therapy clinics.We are sanitizing chairs, pens, clipboards, and all other Now. More than ever. Relationships count. Personal service counts.frequently touched surfacesIts not about making deals. Its about building a lifetime partnership. between each patient. We are here for you and yourfamily. If you need us, donthesitate to call us at Lets get to know one another.1-800-385-PHSC (7472) toschedule a consultation. customersbank.com/sbaCHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM/ May/June 2020111'