b'BY SUSAN I. SHIBERWoodrow Wilson was President. RadioFrom the moment the had its practical beginning when Pitts- Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of burghs KDKA reported that Warren G.Mary, led by Mother Harding would replace him, and modernM. Camilla Maloney, advertising made its debut, changing thepurchased close to 200 personality of promotion from staid toacres of fertile Chester startling. County farmland in 1906, they envisioned It was the beginning of the rebelliousclassroom buildings filled Jazz Age. Many colleges and universities,with bright eager women.influenced by unruly student behavior, were in a state of moral upheaval. Small rural institutions and those linked to re-ligious denominations, however, main-tained strict rules and standards of student behavior. Immaculata (IU), among those schools, opened its original doors during that storied era. Two dormitory-class-rooms were its sole campus structures. The budding colleges first commencement class was comprised of eight lay gradu-ates and five Immaculate Heart of Mary sisters. Today, more than 2,500 women and men, including graduate students, live and study in a 16-building complex set on a beautiful tree-lined campus overlooking the Great Valley.PROGRESS DEFINES IMMACULATAFrom the moment the Sisters, Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, led by Mother M. Camilla Maloney, purchased close to 200 acres of fertile Chester Coun-ty farmland in 1906, they envisioned classroom buildings filled with bright ea- The latest addition to Immaculatas varsity athletic roster is eSports. At the peak ger women. Women seeking higher educa- of advancement, eSports are team-based video game competitions, which are viewed in person or online. Players compete in a specially designed gaming tion, leadership skills, and truth. Womenroom, vying to best opponents in Overwatch, League of Legends, Rocket committed to faith, community, knowl- League, Madden NFL, Super Smash Bros., and FIFA Soccer.edge, virtue, and service. These principles would become the core values of a college yet to be.The sisters hopes were partially ful-filled in 1914 with the unveiling of Villa Maria Academy. Six years later, on No-vember 12, 1920, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania granted a college charter, and the school was renamed Village Maria College before being named Immaculata College in 1929. Progress has always been Immaculatas benchmark.I applaud the Immaculate Heart of Mary sisters, exclaimed Barbara Lettiere, Immaculata President. They owned and ran the school. The sisters were very pro-gressive and continue to be to this day. I can say that personally, because I am the first lay president.CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM/ May/June 202043'