b'IMMACULATA UNIVERSITY Undergraduate students choose from over 60 majors. Student-faculty ratios are nine to one; the national average is 18 to one.Immaculata University regularly receives Best College accolades fromU.S. News & World Report,Forbes, andMoney. Andof coursefrom students, parents, and graduates.Immaculatas retention rate for first-time, full-time freshman to sophomore year is 94 percent, whichis well above average.For the last two years, surveys indicated that graduates94 percent one year and 95 percent the secondhad either earned jobs or enrolled ingraduate school.with the market. In some cases, you have toImmaculatas support system encom- bypass surgery. Megan Brennan, recently out-think the market. passes more than just classroom activities.retired as Postmaster General of the United It sets our school apart and was prettyStates, was the first of her gender to hold PERSONALIZED ATTENTION much that way when I was a student. Ithis position. The list continues.Lettieres prowess and trailblazing leader- learned at Immaculata whether I wanted toGraduates, such as Immaculatas presi-ship has roots in the classrooms of Im- or not, she asserted with a laugh. dent, Dr. Ellner, and Brennan, exemplify maculata, where she received exceptionalthe universitys academic excellence. IU is personalized attention throughout college.ACADEMIC ACCLAIM in the early phases of a Capital Campaign Student-faculty ratios are nine to one; theLettiere is merely one of a vast assembly ofto build a new science pavilion for its suc-national average is 18 to 1. Students doImmaculata alumni possessing prestigiouscessful nursing program. In order to prac-receive extensive personal attention, a lotcareer achievement. Julie A. Ellner, MD, hastice as a registered nurse, individuals must of support systems: reading, math advisingthe distinction of being the first woman inpass a very difficult NCLEX-RN test,you name it, she noted. the world to perform laparoscopic gastricstated Lettiere. Our pass rate is 94 per-46 Chester County Life /CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM'