b'cent, which is much higher than both the national and state pass rate, and our nurs-ing program was rated fourth in the com- These young women and men have monwealth. opportunities. Opportunities in magnitude. Immaculata is well known for its gradu-ate Psychology and Education programs.Opportunities to learn and succeed. According to Lettiere, there are more than 750 Immaculata Ed.D. graduates in lead-ership positions across the state; 57 are superintendents and assistant superinten- A VISION OF 2120 because of all the uncertainties associated dents. Immaculatas retention rate for first-time,with the containment of the virus. Thus, Undergraduate students have more thanfull-time freshman to sophomore year is 94while it may seem trite to paint a thriving 60 majors to choose from including musicpercent, which is well above average. ForImmaculata as the vision, it really is not.therapy, a Liberal Arts major that enablesthe last two years, surveys indicated that Despite the pandemic, Immaculata is students to understand the psychology ofgraduates94 percent one year and 95in the heart of commemorating 100 years, music, its psychopathology, and the uniquepercent the secondhad either earned jobsand Lettiere concluded with a tribute. If relationships formed by client and thera- or enrolled in graduate school. not for the sisters, we wouldnt be cele-pist through music. Glowing, Lettiere an- Its almost impossible to imagine Im- brating 100 years. They are the ones who nounced: Immaculata has the fifth-ratedmaculatas 200th anniversary, yet Lettierehad the foresight to buy acreage in Ches-music therapy program in the U.S. has a vision, and its a straightforward echoter County, develop the land, and open a These are only a few examples of Im- of the present. I say repeatedly, my visionschool. As they say, the rest is history. CCLmaculatas venerated academic curricula.is for Immaculata to be a thriving institu-The respected local college regularly re- tion. Currently, there are so many tentaclesImmaculata Universityceives Best College accolades from U.S.attached to the COVID-19 issue that impact1145 W. King Rd.News & World Report, Forbes, and Mon- higher education. Im a planner and pre- Immaculata, PA 19345ey. Andof coursefrom students, par- fer to think far enough in advance to stay610.647.4400ents, and graduates. ahead of the market. Right now, its difficultImmaculata.eduCHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM/ May/June 202047'