b'Having worked in education for 25 years at five independent secondary schools as well as at the college level, McManus knows of what he speaks. Before coming to Mont-gomery, he helped establish the Revolution School in Philadelphia and, as its CEO and Head of Mission, was instrumental to the schools impressive growth. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania, he be-came a Senior Regional Director of Admis-sions at Penn and earned his masters degreeExperience the in private school leadership from ColumbiaWonders of Chester University, Teachers College. Volunteer workCountys Premieradministering school accreditations took McManus to schools in Guam and JapanCertified-Organic while he worked as a high school princi- Produce Farmpal in Hawaii. He and his wife now live inNow offering online pre-orders Delaware County with their four children for pickup at Bryn Mawr a toddler, one in middle school, one in highFarmers Market and curbside school, and their eldest, who attends Swarth- pickup at Two Gander Farm more College. in Downingtown on Saturdays through our new online store. PARTNER TO THE PARENTS Visit TwoGanderFarm.com. A wellspring of knowledge and ideas, Mc-Manus speaks passionately about his new110 Buck RoadDowningtown, PA610.659.0138role and how fortunate he feels to be partTwoGanderFarm@gmail.comTwoGanderFarm.comof such an amazing school. When I found Montgomery, I knew it is where I want to be, he said. A great school is like a partner in our parenting; it reflects our beliefs and helps guide our kids through childhood and prepares them for the next step.Instead of grabbing a quick bite in a crowded cafeteria, for example, the students have daily, family-style lunches where they lead table discussions. Each week during the Appetitesschools non-sectarian Chapel program the entire student body gathers with the facultyBEST FRIENDS and staff to discuss their values with each other and the community. More than simplyHAVEan exercise in public speaking, chapel talks encourage each person to express their joys and where they find purpose.One of McManus core philosophies, in- YOUR TABLEcludes: All children have a unique voice andFOR 4 (LEGS),an important voice. Early on, they expressIS READY!who they are and what they are about. Get- EXTONS PREMIERting behind that uniqueness, I think, is partPATIO IS OPEN of a schools job. VOTED BEST DOGGIE His second core philosophy: All childrenDINING 2016can learn. When children encounter chal-lenges, its not about a deficiency; the focus is finding their strengths and ways to approach a problem in new ways.INNOVATIVE TEACHINGPleased with the extremely cohesive and tal-ented faculty at Montgomery, McManus saidAppetitesOnMain.comhe will support the innovative work the teach-CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM/ May/June 202063'