b'APPETITES ON MAINAppetites on Main is renownedOwner Brad Weinstein pointedfor corned beef, turkey, and out, Another feature separating us is that our patio area is not onlypastrami Reuben sandwiches pet friendly, but we offer a doggieAppetites served on grilled Jewish rye with menu and a Good Dog Beer list. Our whole open-air patio ison Main Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and designed to be socially interactivehomemade Russian dressing. and customer friendly. Theres no shame in using a knife and fork to eat our Reuben. Incredible Short Rib Fries! BRAD WEINSTEIN, OWNERPictured above is a new plant-based corned beef sandwich option!ing and drinking at a Manhattan rooftop restaurant. After a long week, I come here to relax with friends outdoors while we enjoy our favorite drinks and food.I asked Brad: What in particular differ-entiates Appetites open-air patio dining, making it so popular with people? I be-lieve its a combination of factors. For one, were not in the middle of a parking lot nor curbside by a busy, noisy street. Our whole ambiance of umbrella tables in a relaxing patio setting nestled amongst trees in the center of Main Street at Exton is very ap-pealing to people. Customers really enjoy the whole atmosphere of feeling the breeze and having the sun shining on them. Or, late at night, customers coming in and kicking back with a Corona and gazing at the night sky and stars. Brad also made it a point to note an important subtlety that does not go unnoticed by customers, Customers may enjoy their spirits here by drinking from a glass and not a plastic cup which is often the case at many open-air venues. A distin-78 Chester County Life /CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM'