122 Chester County Life / CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM 122 Chester County Life / CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM SECTION NAME HOME & GARDEN apparent a business was in bud. After con- templating company names with their hus- bands and friends, Cabinet Sisters was the plum pick. “My husband deserves the credit,” re- marks Linda. “Joe coined it right out of the gate. The official launch of Cabinet Sisters was August 2017. Next on our agenda was business cards, yard signs, a website, and most importantly, a paint studio instead of Patti’s garage.” The location of Cabinet Sisters’ head- quarters allows them to enjoy another fa- vorite interest, tennis. Their good friends, Anthony and Betsy DeCecco, who own and operate Tennis Addiction Sports Club, had the ideal site, a barn and caretaker’s shed, which sit on the club’s property. “We play tennis from 7:30 to 9:00 a.m., walk a few yards, and begin the work day,” relates Patti. “What is fondly known throughout many comment: Cabinet Sisters saved me a ton of money; this is the way to go. The sisters took my outdated oak cabinets, and painted them gorgeous custom white, which changed the entire look of my kitchen. Me- ticulous work. Wonderful design. I love my new kitchen. Just how is such perfection attained? With little or no disruption and Swiss watch- like exactitude. Patti and Linda usually sub- mit a quote within 24 hours of their initial consultation. If hired, the sisters return to aid or consult with color selection and provide a start date. The first day of the project, they remove doors and drawer fronts, label hard- ware (hinge by hinge), and begin prep work. This process entails cleaning, light sanding, deglossing, wood filling, and any necessary repairs, followed by priming and applying a first coat of paint. “It’s a very long day,” points out Linda. “We return to the cus- Tennis Addiction as the Sisters’ Shack, pro- vides us climate control with painting and drying rooms. The barn is utilized for stor- age and prep work, as well as the painting of furniture. Best of all, on days when we are not performing finish work, lunchtime at the Sisters’ Shack becomes an event, as many of our Tennis Addiction friends and their dogs join us for some relaxing downtime.” “Patti and Linda are first-class, authentic women – and good tennis players,” exclaims Anthony. “I’ve coached them for 10 years, and they both advanced to national cham- pionships twice. Cabinet Sisters is a winner, too. The work is beautiful. As business own- ers, the sisters are extremely reliable and rep- utable and deliver on their promises.” PAINSTAKING PROCESS Clients regale this combination of work ex- cellence and honesty. After the grand reveal, If contacted soon, Patti and Linda can still complete a few projects before the holidays. Better yet, give the gift of a cabinet update to a loved one or friend for Christmas or Chanukah. Priming begins! Cabinet doors on the drying rack – Minutes ago these doors were cherry.