CHESTERCOUNTY-LIFE.COM / November/December 2018 35 Gift Cards for Salon & Spa Services Rich Lowlights & Holiday Hairstyles CELEBRATING 55 YEARS OF SALON AND SPA SERVICES TO CHESTER COUNTY FAMILIES WBw 1009 West Chester Pike West Chester, PA 610.436.6464 complish this objective throughout the entire process – sales to service. I treat customers like they are my mother, father, sister, or brother. Anyone can sell a car, but we place a major emphasis on exceeding our guests’ expectations after the sale.” After a car sale, Lexus of Chester Springs customers receive a visit from a Delivery Specialist. Trained by Lexus to understand all the options and technology in the car (which can be very complex), a Delivery Specialist performs a “second delivery,” visiting custom- ers at home and reviewing the car with them after they’ve been driving it for a few weeks.“This is a time when questions are likely to arise, and we want to ensure our customers fully understand and are able to get the most from the vehicle they just purchased,” adds Anthony. “Customers are also welcome to walk into the deal- ership at any time to have questions answered or problems ad- dressed. We have a great team of knowledgeable professionals who stand behind our product and are always willing to help customers in any way.” Another great perk of purchasing a Lexus is the complimentary car wash. Any Lexus owner is welcome to bring their car to Lexus of Chester Springs for a free wash – anytime! “Activity becomes a bit hectic on Saturdays following a snow storm, but our staff takes it all in stride,” laughs Anthony. With 50 new loaner cars on the lot, customers are able to have their cars serviced with absolutely no interruption to their day. Lexus Service Team members will drive to customers’ offices or homes, take their car back to the dealership for service, and leave a new car for them to drive in the interim. ORDER THE BOOK BY VISITING THEHOUNDSFOUNDATION.ORG/THEFOXSKITCHEN Perfect Holiday Gift! RADNOR HUNT CHERISHED RECIPES FROM PHILADELPHIA’S HISTORIC PUBLISHED BY THE DERRYDALE PRESS